a) Membership of La Cámara shall consist of any Malaysian company, multi-national companies in Malaysia or legally constituted     organization in Malaysia with a strong interest to promote or who are already actively promoting economic cooperation in Malaysia and Spain.

b) Membership shall be open to all companies, firms, non-governmental organizations' and individuals having a direct or indirect Malaysian Spanish interest or who may be interested in the objects of the Chamber.

c) All applications for membership to La Cámara shall be considered by the Executive Committee which may reject such applications without assigning any reasons thereafter.

d) The membership of La Cámara shall comprise :
(i)  Corporate member
(ii)  Individual Member
(iii) Affiliate Member
(iv) Honorary Member

Those who joined La Cámara before June 30, 2010 would have the privilege of being the founding members of La Cámara.

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